Breeding and Showing Quality Boer Meat Goats and Miniature Lamanchas

                          Shadowbrook Acres Goats


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My Breeding Goat Programs

 In my goat program I am striving to produce the best that I can. My herd includes ABGA/USBGA Boer Meat goats and  MDGA Miniature Lamanchas. I do still have a couple ADGA Lamanchas, but they will only be bred strictly for MDGA kids. My animals are bred for correct sound structure. My dairy herd bred for easy milkers, who have good dairy character as well gorgeous udder structure. In my meat program I have fullblood Boers as well as crosses. I believe I can breed the best of other breeds to help improve my Boer herd. I look for good width and structure along with growth/birth rate and mothering ability.

 Idaho Falls, Idaho

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