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2: Second is a 2014 2nd gen buckskin doe. Hooters has been Grand Champion JR AOM and Grand Champion Sr Doe in Blackfoot. $300 Sale Pending

3: Third is a 2015 Blue Eyed solid black 1st generation doe. Twilight has won Reserve Over All AOM as a dry yearling. $250 SOLD

7: Seventh is our 2012 crème and white 2nd gen buck. This handsome buck has been AOM Grand Champion Jr Buck, AOM Grand Champion SR Buck, Best Buck in Show, and Reserve Champion buck in Boise. He has the quality and breeding! Also a great temperament. Not pushy or rough to handle or to his ladies. $350 SOLD

4: Fourth is a 2016 Buckskin and white 3rd Generation doe. Reeses has reached AML registration. She is daughter to the second doe and has a lot of potential. Her sire is our two time Grand Champion Buck. $200 SOLD


5: Fifth is a 2016 Black polka dot and white 1st generation doe. La De Da comes from very strong milking lines. Her sire was bred in Oregon dam was bred by Gods Grace Dairy. $200 SOLD

6: Sixth is a 2016 brown and white 1st generation doe. She is by my foundation ADGA doe and my best milker. $150 SOLD


 The following have all been sold. Thank you everyone and congrats on your new partners in crime! :)

This doe is MDGA registered. She is up to date on shots, deworming, and hoof trimming as of July 23. She was dehorned and bottle raised. Very friendly girl! Dam took best udder in her class in Blackfoot this month (July!) $200 SOLD

SAB Juju Beans is a MDGA 1st Gen Miniature Lamancha. He was shown and has won 2013 Syringa - AOM Grand Champion Sr Buck - Judge: Rachel Conway, 2013 Syringa - AOM Best in Show - Judge: Rachel Conway, and 2013 KoolKidz - Grand Champion Sr Buck - Judge: Jodi Groneman. His daughters have placed as Grand Champion Mini-AOM, Best in Show, and Best of Breed. One of his sons was Grand Champion Jr buck and Reserve to Juju. Judge said that his son could have placed higher but his sire had maturity on his side. $300 SOLD
This doe is MDGA registered. She is up to date on shots, deworming, and hoof trimming as of July 23. She was dehorned and bottle raised. Very friendly girl! $250 SOLD
This little guy has correct gopher ears and has been dewormed, vaccinated, registered and is a 2nd generation, and dehorned (though he does have scurs). Sire has two Grand Champion wins and dam won Best Udder and champion over all last year in Blackfoot and best udder in 2014 in Boise. His half sister was Grand Champion Over All and Champ Challenger. Very nice buck prospect! $100 SOLD
SAB Skyz Tramp Stamp who was born 05/23/2015 and is a 1st generation miniature lamancha. She has a couple moonspots. Trampie is a very frisky doe who wants to play! She could become a very nice milk doe, her dam had large easy to milk teats her first freshening. She was dewormed and had her feet trimmed 3/1/16. $150 SOLD
 This doeling sadly has a third teat so is available at pet price! Her dam was JR Grand Champion in Boise. Her sire has two Grand Championships as well. This girl was born March 14th and will be weaned mid June. $75 SOLD
This lovely twin doeling is on a bottle and doing great! She was born March 17 and will need bottle fed. Her dam is an ADGA full sized Lamancha and her sire is a MDGA Miniature Lamancha (who has won two Championships) so she should be on the bigger side. I am retaining her sister and also have a half sister (same dam) and won Reserve Over ALL! Dam is very easy to milk. $125 - SOLD
SAB Sleepy Aurora who was born June 28, 2015. Her dam was shown as a milking yearling last summer, and took 1st in her class at the KoolKidz MDGA show in Blackfoot. Aurora has a very promising future! She was tested 3/1/16 as CAE Negative! Currently in Idaho Falls, ID but can deliver as far as Downey. $200 - SOLD
 This handsome boy is a 2nd gen but happened to be born with ears, so I am only selling him as a pet. Can be registered as a wether with MDGA. $40 as a bottle kid or $60 when weaned in May. - SOLD
SAB Jeweled Ivory was born 03/26/2014 and is a 2nd generation Miniature Lamancha doe. Ivory's sire has won two Grand Championships, one in Boise and one in Blackfoot. She just kidded March 18th to twins! I pulled the doe to bottle raise but let Ivory keep the buck kid. The buck kids dad has also won two Grand Championships, both in Boise. Both have correct gopher ears. I am asking $300 - SOLD
SAB Mighty Maleficent was born 03/10/2014 and is a 2nd generation. In 2015 at the KoolKidz show she was 1st in her class and Best udder in her class. Her sire is SAB Juju Beans who is one leg shy of his permanent champion and she is currently being exposed to Cherry Butte Ghost Writer who is also one leg away from being a permanent champion! $350 - SOLD
At no fault of her own, SAB Little Jezzebelle, is back up for sale. She was tested December 2015 and is CAE Neg. She was born 3/7/2011 and is a 1st generation Miniature Lamancha. She has had twins, triplets, and a single. She is very mothering and also adopts other kids. She is very easy to hand milk as well! One of her daughters was shown and won 2014 Syringa Grand Champion Jr Doe and Best Jr Doe in Show in Boise. Jezzebelle has been bred to Juju on November 9th and should be bred. Juju is shy on leg of being a permanent champion!
$300 - SOLD

SAB Lady Odette was born 05/16/2015 and is a 2nd generation. Her sire is SAB Juju Beans who is one leg shy of being a permanent champion! This doe should be a knock out! She was bottle raised so is tame. $250 -SOLD



 Nothing For Sale At This Time

 I am looking for a good Trade

Hay, panels, tack, goats, or ? Let me know what you got

Currently looking for….

Panels for a round pen and holding pens for horses

Always looking for good quality mold free hay

Red, Black, or Moonspotted Fullblood Boer Buck(ling)

Paint, Red/Black, or Moonspotted Fullblood Boer Doe(lings)

I am willing to hold an animal(s) after agreed payment been paid, which is non-refundable.   Upon pickup of animal(s), the remainder of the price is due. The animal(s) must be picked up on date agreed upon, unless prior arrangements are made.  If animal(s) is not picked up on day agreed, there will be a boarding charge of $2.00 to $10.00 per day per animal.  If reserved animal(s) is left on the property longer than two weeks (14 days) after agreed pick up date, said animal(s) becomes the sole property of Shadowbrook Acres, to resale or retain, with NO refund of payments received.

If you purchase an animal from Shadowbrook Acres and in the unlikely event, it becomes ill or dies, prior to pick up/shipping, your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another animal, by the choice of the buyer. Shadowbrook Acres does not assume responsibility for any animal after it leaves our property. 

Shipping is available via Idaho Falls, Idaho airport. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs including the cost of the crate, vet exam, and any health certificates that may be required. Animals are guaranteed to be healthy at time of shipment.

Future Plans

We will start kidding in 2016 for March kids.  

I have several fullblood, purebred, and percentage Boer goats and MDGA Miniature Lamancha dairy goats. All Market and dairy goat kids will be registerable as I have only used registered Boer Meat bucks and registered dairy bucks to cover my does. My dairy all come from either great milking lines or fantastic conformation or have proven themselves. Several of my market goats come from great ENNOBLED lines and have amazing conformation and mothering skills. Prices for does will range any were from $75-$300 for dairy and $100-$400 for market goats depending upon the conformation and breed. Wethers will be $20-$40 for bottle kids (Market and Dairy) $40-$100 for dairy and $50 to $150 depending on age and weight for market wethers. (DISCOUNT FOR FFA AND 4-H YOUTH!). IMPORTANT If you are interested in a buck I must be informed before the kid is two months of age, otherwise he will be wethered. Prices for bucks range anywhere from $75-$500. Once again price is determined upon conformation and percentage (i.e. fullblood to 50%). Important I must be informed ahead of time if you want them dehorned as I usually leave horns on my breeding market goat stock and dehorn the market wethers and dairy goats. Willing to give discount to multiple purchases. I usually wean bucks at two months of age and does at three months of age. Let me know if you are interested in any kids or if you have any questions.